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We try to deliver your order within 1 hr up to max. 72 hrs, after completed payment.

Delivery methods in detail:

a) Transfer-Account : The ordered (Metin Yang) amount will be on a separate second account. You will receive the account data via email. Just log into the second account to deliver onto your account. Please return the second account latest after 24 hours to us and keep us informed via email. We recommend this type of delivery.

b) Comfort Trade : After the payment process you have to send your account information per Email. As soon as the Metin2 Yang is in stock, we log into your account, create a new character on your server and deliver the Metin2 Yang directly. Your account information is used trustworthy and will be deleted out of our system after successful transfer. Hereby we ensure maximum security and a smooth delivery.

c) Face to Face: As soon as we received your payment, our employees will whisper to you ingame. We ask you to meet with our employee immediately, so that we can hand over the Metin2 Yang to you.

Please be noted that if we are not able to find your character name online in game, we would send you a transferaccount with the Yang you ordered, to let you get the Yang as soon as possible.